Our History

Early 1940’s- Episcopal Campus Fellowship began its ministry at ASU with the support of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Boone.

1944- Presbyterian Campus Ministry began as a work of First Presbyterian Church, Boone.

1994- The Presbyterian and Episcopal campus ministries agreed to run a shared ministry for a one-semester trial period. The joining of the two campus ministries was so successful that it was extended for a second semester.

1996- A joint Presbyterian Episcopal Campus Ministry was resoundingly approved by both denominations with a new Constitution and Bylaws.

2005- A Campus Ministry Summit was held for the purpose of exploring, strengthening and expanding involvement and connection with partner congregations in the High Country area.

2009- The Listening Post was initiated and coordinated by Jinx Miller from Baird’s Creek Presbyterian Church, Vilas.

2013- Episcopal Campus Ministry moved to 3rd Place, a storefront on Appalachian Street.