The Listening Post at Appalachian State University

The Listening Post serves as a non-judgmental space for Appalachian State University students to be heard, accepted, clarify thinking, consider options, express human hurt or joy, explore ideas, and find warmth and friendship.

Volunteers are trained to just listen- no advice, no judgment, no counseling. We want to get to know your story and hear about your dreams, disappointments, joys, hopes, and frustrations. Whatever you want to talk about, we’re here to listen.

Where to Find Us

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

 The Int’l Hall of the Plemmons Student Union

9 AM – 3 PM


Park Place Café in Trivette Hall

11:30 AM – 1 PM

Listening Post

The Listening Post is funded by the Presbyterian Episcopal Campus Ministry and coordinated by Jinx Miller.


Interested in Volunteering?

Listening Post Contact

Jinx Miller